Lallybroch filming update May 3

Lallybroch filming is due to start this week .

 I have just visited Lallybroch this morning and although the sign says it is closed for filming , there is no sign of any production crew there at all . Maybe they are doing preparation for next week ?

Lallybroch filming will definitely take place this month at Midhope Castle.

Lallybroch filming means the castle will be closed . However , I will be visiting Lallybroch and giving updates on when filming starts so hopefully I can get some pictures of The Lallybroch set .

Lallybroch tours from Private tours Edinburgh. Visit Lallybroch Castle ( Midhope Castle )  – prices starting from just £32.50 per person .

I think Claire and Jamie will be involved in the Lallybroch filming as far as I can work out , because they leave North Carolina as Claire is falsely accused of murder . Exciting new plans have been announced to refurbish Lallybroch and open visitor and tasting rooms . Outlander fans will be able to stay in Lallybroch, possibly from next year . A new distillery is also being built. Barley from the Hopetoun House estate will be used for the new whisky .

Midhope Castle, a 16th-century tower house, is used as Lallybroch (also known as Broch Tuarach) in Outlander . Left to Jamie by his parents, Brian and Ellen, Lallybroch is also home to Jamie’s sister, Jenny, her husband Ian Murray and their children. With Lallybroch being an important part of the Outlander story, much use is made of Midhope Castle. Phone (+44) 0131-549-9785 for details and bookings .

On this tour you can visit Jamie Fraser’s ancestral home – Lallybroch Castle .

There is a real Lallybroch – Midhope House . Lallybroch, or Broch Tuarach, is Jamie’s fictional home in the series. In real life it’s an ancient 16th-century tower house outside Edinburgh. Midhope Castle is the real Lallybroch . The castle stars in a number of Outlander episodes in series one . You can visit Lallybroch on one of our tours and take a look around the outside .