How many films has Sam Heughan appeared in ?

Sam Heughan has starred as Jamie Fraser in Outlander for six seasons now . But in between Outlander filming , Sam has managed to appear in no less than 11 films . The question is , can you name all of them ?

1. A Very British Sex Scandal (2007)

Sam Heughan’s movie debut was in television docudrama film A Very British Sex Scandal, telling the story of Daily Mail royal correspondent Peter Wildeblood, who was involved in a scandal that eventually led to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Great Britain. Heughan plays a corporal in the RAF who has an affair with Wildeblood. The movie was never officially released after being broadcast but is available to watch for free on YouTube. For all Outlander fans the ultimatee experience must be to take an Outlander tour in Scotland to visit the Outlander film locations all over Scotland .

2. Breaking the Mould (2009)

Breaking the Mould was a BBC historical drama that tells the story of the development of penicillin in the 1930’s and 1940’s by a group of scientists in Oxford at The Dunn School of Pathology. Featuring an all-star clast including Denis Lawson, Dominic West and John Sessions, Sam Heughan played Charles Fletcher, who was the first doctor to inject penicillan into a patient (the patient in question being scientist Alexander Fleming). The film is available to buy on DVD.

3. First Light (2010)

Heughan played the lead in World War 2 television movie First Light. The film is about 18-year old Geoffrey ‘Boy’ Wellum who joins the 92 squadron of the Royal Air Force in 1940 and, despite having no flying experience, ends up piloting a Spitfire and battling the Luftwaffe. It is available to buy or stream on Amazon Prime.

4. A Princess For Christmas (2011)

Christmas films have never been more popular, and Sam Heughan starred alongside the late great Roger Moore and Katie McGrath in a ‘classic’ example of the genre. At the invitation of an estranged relative, a young woman travels with her niece and nephew to a castle in Europe for Christmas, where she unwittingly falls for a dashing royal – Sam Heughan’s Ashton Prince of Castlebury. You can stream the film on Apple TV.

5. Heart of Lightness (2014)

Sam Heughan’s first feature film made for the cinema was 2014’s Heart of Lightness. Arguably his most serious film to date, it follows eight British actors and a narcoleptic director to the Arctic Circle to film Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘The Lady From The Sea’. Tensions within the cast and crew are amplified by the surreal surroundings and constant daylight. It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime.

6. Emulsion (2014)

2014 was a busy year for Sam Heughan, with tense psychological thriller Emulsion his second cinematic release within 12 months. He plays Ronny Maze, a man who becomes obsessed with finding his missing wife after repeatedly watching a 16mm home movie of her. It can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

7. When The Starlight Ends (2016)

In 2016’s When The Starlight Ends, Sam Heughan plays eccentric writer Jacob who is forced to choose between his work and the love of his life. Looking back at his life, he reflects on whether he has made the right decision. The film can be bought on DVD or streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

8. The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

Sam Heughan’s first proper blockbuster was the action comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me and his tuxedoed performance alongside a-listers Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon had many tipping him to be the next James Bond. He tracks his co-stars’ characters as they run from murderous bad guys across the USA and Europe. You’ll have to watch the film to find out if he’s a friend or an ally. It’s available to buy on DVD or Blu-ray, or to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

9. Bloodshot (2020)

Sam Heughan teamed up with action legend Vin Diesel for 2020’s Bloodshot. Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a slain soldier who is re-animated with superpowers, while Heughan is Jimmy Dalton – the opposing super-soldier who is tasked with taking him down. It’s available to rent on Apple TV.

10. To Olivia (2021)

To Olivia tells the true story of the tumultuous marriage between actress Patricia Neal and renowned writer Roald Dahl. Sam Heughan has a small role as actor Paul Newman. It can be streamed on Now TV, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV.

11. SAS: Red Notice (2021)

Sam Heughan’s most recent film (until Born to be Great is released early next year) is Andy McNab adaptation SAS: Red Notice. Heughan stars as special Forces operator Tom Buckingham whose plans to propose to his partner go awry when their train is seized by a gang of war criminals in the middle of the Channel Tunnel. It’s available to watch on Sky Cinema and Amazon Prime Video.